A Campaign From The Archives

Freelance Exchange: Flexing our might

Lovingly called ‘F-Ex’ by the folks in Delivery, this campaign was done late last summer. The client was the big daddy of Indian advertising – afaqs! - who had launched a section for freelance professionals looking to render their services to advertising and media companies.

We created a set of landing pages (using Perfect Landing) for the different categories of professionals who can use the Freelance Exchange - writers, photographers, and designers. The campaign’s target was to get companies to post their projects on Freelance Exchange so that they could have many freelancers applying and offering to take up the projects.

Take a look at some of the cool creatives which team Prodigy worked on for FEX.

MMT: When Mr.Tiwari narrowly missed his flight

Amidst the downpour and the Ganesh Chaturthi festival in September, one team was busy working on a pitch for MMT a.k.a. Make My Trip. This of course is the leading travel-bookings portal in India. The initial rounds of brainstorming threw up the idea of creating a mascot (personification) for the brand. Mahesh’s inputs came in handy and Team Prodigy (once again) came up with a sketched character called Murli Manohar Tiwari. Ekta drew a caricature of Mr MMT complete with the Safari suit and the handle-bar moustache.

The big idea was to position MMT as a cool and people-friendly brand. The tagline “ho jayega” (“It will get done!”) completely underscores the fact that whatsoever your travel related needs, MMT will get the job done. In fact, the mascot Mr Tiwari was modeled on the role of a ‘fixer’ i.e. someone who will get your work done in exchange for a small fee. Unfortunately, this campaign never really saw the light of day as the airline industry went through a rough patch and MMT ran short of momentum.


NIIT Imperia: Where the prof’s attendance is by proxy!!

These are proper classrooms where the faculty appears on a large screen, and the working students spread across the country can raise questions by text-ing him or by using the video-conferencing tools.

A high-tech service in Management Education and a very organized client looking to use e-mailers, search engine marketing and social networking to popularize their training programs. A prestigious win for Delhi BD who wrested this business away from competition after a keen pitch.

The creative work on the mailers was readily appreciated by client, and all in the Delhi office too! Kevin’s design came in for special mention and the concepts have been securing leads/sign-ups for the programs.
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Manchester United: Nice to have Netted this!

A survey on soccer viewing (home/friend’s home/sports bar) habits of young Indians – that was the project. The target was 1000-1200 completed questionnaires on how many recent Manchester United matches did you view, and where did you view it?

Monica Thadani got cracking on the design, and Shishir helped her implement it. The usability angle was important as the questionnaire had to be clear, and easy to take.

The prize wasn’t anything big-ticket like an LCD TV, it was just club T-shirts. So the microsite really had to work and be very credible! The campaign had its share of constraints - the client had prevented us from using the Manchester United logo. This campaign was handled by the Hitchhikers, who succeeded in scoring a brace – not only did they achieve the target easily, they also managed to make a neat margin in the bargain.

Take a look at the micro site - which we have deliberately not pulled down – for your viewing pleasure.

From China to Chandni Chowk

The Manchester United campaign, succeeded in converting our intern, Coffey Liu into a die-hard Man Utd fan. In fact, on the occasion of Chinese New Year (which coincided with our Republic Day) Coffey had gifted all the folks in delivery with a Chinese good luck charm each, in a bright red envelope (the Man Utd colour).

FYI: Coffey made his modeling debut in the Canon camcorder campaign, wherein a couple of his pictures have been uploaded in the photo mosaic. His next ambition is to star in a Bollywood flick and he was recently heard asking Mumbai Pinstormers for Ram Gopal Verma’s contact details.

Viewers' Choice

Full High Definition Bravia LCD : A display campaign for this TV run on popular portals, the focus was to show the huge difference in clarity, depth and picture-richness of the Sony Bravia. This is achieved through its full HD (High Definition) technology. Check out the cursor control in this ad by moving the arrow over the visual. Demo you see it, demo you like it!

The Namesakes

As of 31st Jan ’09, there are 10 sets of Pinstormers who share their first names. Can you identify them?
Eg. Rahul Shrivastava in delivery and Rahul Punjabi from science are one such set.

Click on the images below to see the correct answers to the previous quiz.