A Campaign From The Archives

Kotak Personal Loan

The campaign was for Kotak Personal Loans. Kotak was trying to sell their loans on the fact that they were processed really fast, within 3 days (unlike their competitors who were taking 72 hours!). Anuradha referred to the age-old fail-proof formula that in India, only Shahrukh Khan and Sex sell. Since we couldn’t use latter to sell personal loans, of all things, she took a then popular line from a Shahrukh Khan movie (Guess which one?) and adapted it to “3 Din Loan In”.

Then Manoj and Deepa tried to make some sense out of it by using what they would like us to believe was a classical dance mudra, but as you can see its nothing but the OK sign!

Bala thought “3 Din Loan In. OK!” was a bit too aggressive so he suggested using Mehendi (henna on the palms) alluding to the idea that you could get a loan quickly for your marriage (This ad would have worked wonders in Vegas!) You can see the ad and appreciate it here.


A text ad that made a difference

NIIT Imperia

After the Satyam IT corporate fiasco, the search volumes for related terms, like "Ramalinga Raju", "Satyam" etc., went up faster than the rate at which its shares went down. Obviously we weren’t going to let this scam pass us by. To cut the long tail short, we thought this financial scam was a great opportunity for us to market, what else, NIIT Imperia – Finance for Non-finance professionals! Pitching in strongly, Mahesh even wrote the keyword-related text ad you can see here!

NIIT Imperia

GPRS - 4 dozen and 2 reasons


Idea GPRS was supposed to be a simple LP that could coax the Idea customers into signing up for their GPRS service. But why would people do that? After weeks of ideas being tossed around, one of us spotted an interesting flash opensource script on a website and suddenly the answer was cloud and clear! Reshma Patel and Leslie adapted this “inspiration” to shape the solution that answered the “But why” question 50 times over!

The result was a nifty landing page that worked wonders for us and became a headache for the client! You can see it all here: http://www.ideagprs.in

Mosaics... err, memories unlimited


When Canon decided to launch a camcorder with flash based memory, we were supposed to create 3 LPs: General, for Expecting/New Parents & for Tourists. We were excited when we came up with a smart catchy line “memories.unlimited”. Little did we know that this line would come back and bite us in the butt.

The problem that Jayant faced was that how could he “show” nemories.unlimited on the landing page! The basic idea was to attack the visitor with an overwhelming amount of pictures but at the same time we had to ensure they didn’t get bored to death waiting for the page to load. The solution presented itself in the form of a photomosaic (Mahesh referred this). But it was not to be easy. After days of arguments between Creatives and BDs over the number of pics to be used in the mosaic, Jayant still has the mail-chain for those who want to see it, Bala finally used some formula to come up with an optimum number which both sides grudgingly agreed to. After that it was all magic work from Sandesh G whose hard work, you can contact him for the horror stories, resulted in the brilliant execution of the plan and an excellent LP!

Hangman - An LP concept we didn't "execute"

Not An Idea Sirji!

Idea Datacard LP was just not happening. The concepts were getting rejected at a rate faster than people could come up with them. This LP concept gives you a fair idea what levels of frustration they were going through. Wonder why this LP never made it to the client.
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A Scandal And Six Places

Absolut Vodka is renowned for its very topical ads. Identify these six cities, and the infamous scandal that figure in these ads. All those who answer the quiz correctly, without the aid of Google, will be treated to as much "voda" as they want.

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