A Campaign From The Archives

Lust, Caution

In the storyline of Ang Lee’s film, a woman secret agent is to assassinate an official who is collaborating with the Japanese occupying forces. She infiltrates the official’s household and is in a liaison with him as per the plot. Thus, the film’s title, “Lust, Caution”.

The Chinese praying mantis is a species where the female disposes off the male after union. And thus, the striking similarity can be noted with the situation of the film’s protagonists. A little further research on the web yielded the pictures of the female mantis (to keep it U/A, we didn’t use “action” shots) and confirmed the facts.

The ad was run with Chinese titles, but is given here in translation.

A text ad that made a difference

Idea Data card

We launched Idea's campaign for marketing its datacard services online on 2 December 2008. The sole competition was from Reliance datacard, but they were present on virtually all relevant keywords we could think of. We needed something to 'break the clutter' and make our ads more visible.

Credit must be given to Beverly for suggesting the following ad, which went on to have a 13.79% conversion rate and a cost per lead of just Rs. 33.76, in the first week itself. Here's the ad:

The ruse succeeded in creating high visibility for the ad by nature of being in Hindi among English text, and the customer has responded favourably!

A Design that made waves

Jet Brussels Game

The Jet Brussels Game was designed & executed by Rajesh Yadav, Romil, Kevin and Leslie. It was the first game-based webpage created by Pinstormers. Briefly, the game is about finding the new European hub of Jet Airways.


Bala had the idea of using an array of dots to represent European cities; clicking on any one of them would reveal the time it took to fly from there to Jet's European hub. The game was designed as an innovative exercise in brand building. Jet liked the game, with one change – they asked that each city be shown as a butterfly, in line with their offline campaign. It will shortly be going live.

Common sense that made business sense

My-catalog in its initial stage of campaign-run was not fetching the desired result. An online catalog converter essentially meant for SMEs to turn their brochures, leaflets, reports into dynamic flash e-catalogs, e-magazines (with the added impact of sound, video as well as page-flipping effect). Though the proposition made was a free catalog converter, almost none of the visits were converting into potential leads. A conversion meant the user submitting url link or upto 10 MB of pdf documents.


After an analysis, we realized that there were too many exit points, the copy was too long, form fields were too many and the layout didn’t really bring out the essence of the products – an element of flash.

Hence the revised landing page was :


Results were fabulous. Rate of valid conversions jumped drastically.
“we are improving this is good, I like the way you started working now.” was the feedback note from the client.

Showcase: An ad which we didn't show the client

When ING launched its online campaign for the Formula Savings Account, we were instructed not to use the images of the ING Renault team drivers – Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet.


In October, ING held a roadshow in Delhi with Piquet showing off the car, and they wanted us to do a promo. Here's an ad we made just for the fun of it.

A Quiz - do you know the logo guidelines

Given below are five pairs of logos. Identify the correct ones.

 Identify the correct ones

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