Sonar prostut korche:

Bengalis worldwide now have further reason to be proud of their rich culture - presenting Radio Sonar's superb archive of poetry, drama and music, available wherever in India you are.

At Surer Bhubane, listen to Nazrulgeeti. Rabindrasangeet abounds on Gitabitan. Betar Natak is especially for radio adaptations of classic plays. Bangla Rock, Baul and film songs have a lot of programmes dedicated to them. This is one adda that goes on and on....

Boring radio cholbe na!

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40 channels in 16 genres. The widest variety of programming
Digital Quality Music
Unmatched digital quality music
Radio Jockeys
RJs with in-depth knowledge of their genre
Accessible anywhere in India.
Annual subscription of Rs. 1800 only, which is less than Rs. 5 a day
Satellite radio
One-time, Satellite receiver Installation cost of Rs. 2599 Only
No Ads
No advertisements. Uninterrupted enjoyment
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