Bring the Orchestra into your Chamber

Do the Brandenburg Concertos bring tears to your eyes? Does the overture to William Tell stir your heart? Do you know when the cannon shots ring out in the 1812 overture?

Ah! Classical music has a true connoisseur in you. If only your yearning could be fulfilled by a 24-hour channel that played everything from Bach to Bernstein, life would be complete, wouldn't it?

Presenting Maestro on WorldSpace Satellite Radio, a station anchored by musical scholars passionate about classical music. While saxophonist and presenter Rich Kleinfeld showcases Bach, Anthony McSpadden prefers the more elaborate works of Mahler. Hear Itzhak Perelman's violin or Herbert von Karajan conducting in Maestro Concert Hall. At the end of the day Cellist Judy Gruber gives you her choice of music.

That is all. Just the first and second violins, the cello, the piano....all day long.

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