Falak Farmaate Hain...

...it's like transporting yourself into the world of poetry and nazms...a world that is laid-back and slow, oblivious to the fast paced life of the cities. Under the vast open sky and stretches of green fields, with just shayari to keep you company.

Yes, that's Falak for you - the 24-hour radio channel at your service to bring you a trove of Ghazals, Nazms, Shayari, Mushaira and more, from WorldSpace.

So get ready to soak in the vast ocean of Falak with a variety of programmes that lift you up into the sublime world of poetry & literature. Begin your day with readings of ayats at Dars-e-Quran and move on to Mehefil-E-Hamd-O-Naat - poems in praise of the Almighty. Enjoy to your heart's content with Tasalsul-e-Tarannum - a bouquet of Ghazals, Nazms and Qawwalis. Tune in to Bazm-e-Adab-o-Sukhan where the beautiful letters of Mirza Ghalib, are read out by some superb comperes.

Subscribe to Worldspace Radio & lose yourself in the timeless melodies that are a part of Urdu sher-o- shayari.

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Unmatched digital quality music
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